Look out for our best-selling polo shirts, hoodies, t-shirts and shirts along with a selection of jackets including wet weather coats, fleeces and soft shell jackets all of which can be personalised using our fit for purpose print and embroidery techniques.

We at Atlantic promote Uneek clothing as our value brand. Perfect for promotional events, workwear uniform and corporate industries. Uneek believe that the finest feel, comfiest cut and utmost performance must be demanded from everything they create – all without breaking the bank.

Uneek products feature in our Bundle Deal Offers



The Alsico Group is one of the largest producers of workwear in Europe. They own production units around the world, providing a robust and reliable supply chain.

From nurses work uniforms to medical scrubs, lab coats to food trade clothing, whatever your industry between us, we've got you covered.



Our relationship with Supertouch means that we are able to supply quality protective workwear, at the right price, with outstanding levels of service. Whether it’s hi-vis jackets for railway workers, disposable gloves for food safety, lab coats for technicians or flame-retardant coveralls for high-risk environments, we can supply workwear at a consistent quality and a competitive price.


Just Hoods by AWDI

Just Hoods was the very first AWDis (All We Do is) brand and was launched back in 2008 with Just 1 style in 30 colours. In 11 short years the brand has grown to become the biggest and (we think!) best in the industry covering an array of casual wear styles across hoodies, sweatshirt, jackets and jog pants. We aim to bring you the best quality apparel in the most sought after styling with excellent stock support.



Founded by Gary Fisher in 1996, his Papini ethos was and still is, to manufacture to the highest quality standard at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on the premium weight of our garments, as they are 15% heavier than industry standards and maintaining a high quality and colour continuity is our priority. With continuous quality control checks, Papini staff have been trained by and have worked very closely with the independent testing company, High Street Testing in Leeds.

At Atlantic we promote Papini's Contrast Heavyweight Hoodie as our Premium Product


Premier Workwear

Premier Clothing was established in 1999 and with 18 years of experience in the apparel industry, they are regarded as leaders in the field.

Manufacturers of staff uniforms to the corporate, hospitality, beauty and healthcare industries with a product range that is ever changing to ensure that you can replicate the latest fashions of the modern workplace.

Premier Workwear are well known for their extensive choice of colours that work with every conceivable brand image and corporate identity. Many of their pieces are available in up to 60 colours so you can put together a stylish uniform that creates exactly the right impression.

Regatta Professional

History and heritage make Regatta the UK’s number one outdoor clothing brand.

Regatta is a family owned company based in Manchester that prides itself on providing value for money clothing for any outdoor environment. With an unparalleled reputation in the outdoor clothing market and knowledge and skills learned from decades of steady growth, Regatta is uniquely positioned to supply the promotional and corporatewear industry with outdoor uniforms and apparel.

From waterproof jackets to safety footwear, the Regatta range is guaranteed to protect and look stylish in equal measure. With fabrics and product concepts used in the Regatta retail range providing the lead in terms of design and technicality, the Regatta Promotional and Corporate range brings high street style to the commercial market.

The company has been trading in quality waterproof clothing for over 50 years but launched the Regatta brand 30 years ago, with a small but very successful range of waterproofs. In the intervening years, the brand has expanded into other product areas to offer a complete range for the outdoor user. Using simple values of quality, value, style and service, Regatta continues to grow and expand into Europe.

With a fantastic reputation for quality and value, the Regatta consumer base has grown consistently with more and more customers happy with the look and performance of the entire range.

The key to Regatta’s reputation still lies in the performance of the range. Using trademarked Regatta fabrics such as Isotex, Hydrafort and Symmetry, the products continue to offer fantastic protective qualities.

As the world becomes more ethically aware and companies are required to be more socially responsible, Regatta has acted strongly to ensure all their products are manufactured to high ethical standards. Using third party independent audits of suppliers and with a solid ethical trading policy (available to view online at www.regattaprofessional.com), Regatta aims to ensure that every element of their business is run in a socially responsible manner. Allied to this, Regatta also actively works to raise funds to support communities around their supplier bases.



RESULT Clothing Ltd was founded to provide the decoration, promotions and uniform industry with good quality outerwear, headwear and accessories from stock. Specifically designed to accommodate the need for easy panel access, each style is critiqued and tested with both the wearer and decorator in mind. Stocks are held in the UK ready for immediate despatch using a superior logistics network through to all major and distinguished European distributors.


Leo Workwear


For over 35 years, Leo Workwear have specialised in the design and manufacture of excellent quality high visibility clothing.

Their vast experience and knowledge of what they do has culminated in what is probably the most comprehensive range of high-visibility garments available in the UK. Committed to quality; quality garments and quality service.


Blackrock Footwear

Being a trade professional today isn't just about doing a good job. It's about being protected,  coupled with looking and feeling good about yourself as well.

Whether it's functionality, durability or simply keeping yourself safe, the need to wear the right clothing, footwear and PPE has never been more important. The Blackrock range is a complete solution, offering affordable workwear with maximum functionality and no compromise on quality, EN certified footwear and a full range of packaged personal protective equipment.

BLACKROCK Protective Footwear

Finding the right footwear that combines style and comfort can be difficult at the best of times, Finding the right safety footwear, with the added consideration of specification can be more difficult! Our selection of Blackrock footwear is designed to make that process a little easier.

Our range comprises general purpose, everyday styles suited for a wide range of working environments that are grouped into key types - waterproof, metal-free, sports, traditional, cold storage, and hygiene.

When it comes to safety no shortcuts can be taken. Blackrock works with internationally credited quality assurance organisations during product development and when you chose a Blackrock product, you can be safe in the knowledge that it has been rigorously tested - not just in a laboratory but also in wearer trials to get the views of real people.


In 1951, when Norman and Mavis Williams were looking to open their first clothing factory, a place to create quality workwear, innovative in style and design, as well as working as hard as the people that wore it, there was only one city to call home - Belfast

And so N.M.Williams was created, running a multitude of brands whose names included Personally, Pheonix and Barry Disley. Since that inception, they’ve taken those deep-rooted values of hard-working uniforms, unrivalled quality and timeless style and put them into every product that they 

Shirt manufacturing became a particular area of expertise as the business flourished. Names were simplified over the years and Disley’s success dominated to a point where today, it is widely seen as the ‘go to’ brand for quality shirts and blouses.


Our Brands

Our Brands – The Fabric of the Atlantic Family

Our Brands are part of the fabric of the Atlantic Family and are specially sourced to offer maximum diversity of products and price points without compromising on quality. At Atlantic, it is our deep routed passion to be able to serve you, our valued customer with whatever it is you are looking for in a fuss free way, that works for you, your budget and the demands of your workforce.

We have developed close partnerships with some of the best known workwear and PPE brands in the UK. This quite simply means our brands support us with tens of thousands of products at our fingertips which is growing daily using our sourcing expertise.

Our Brands don’t produce fashion clothing, they produce Workwear that’s fit for purpose. All of the products that we offer are selected to withstand the demands of the working environment and will withstand the rigorous wash / wear cycle that they are often exposed to.

Because our brands offer such great depth of products and diversity it also means that we can offer alternatives. This means that whenever we face on ‘out of stock’ situation – with your approval, of course!


Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

Because our supply chain and partners are growing everyday it’s possible that if we don’t yet have what you’re looking for online, chances are we will be able to find it for you.

Just send us an email of the details or give us a call on 01924 903345

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