Hi, I’m Clare the Director of Atlantic PPE & Workwear Solutions.

I’m a forty something business owner, people person, creative, yet meticulous (a strange combination), proud Yorkshire lass with a burning desire to somehow make a difference.

I graduated with a 1st Class BA Hons in Fashion, after studying for 3 wonderful years at Bretton Hall College, set in the grounds of the beautiful Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I immediately started working for a local Corporate & Workwear Manufacturer for almost 20 years as Head of Design.
The process of designing uniform and workwear from scratch involves a lot of research and sound understanding of the client to ensure that your design solution offers the right image for the company but you also really need to understand that the job roles and functions in order to design clothing that is fit for purpose and can actually aid comfort and practicalities of the tasks in hand. Being so ‘close’ to the product means that you really need to know a lot about it!
I’m extremely passionate about clothing and how uniform & workwear can transform not only the profile of the business but also the mindset of those who wear it.

In my experience however, the ‘lucky’ person responsible for procuring uniform and workwear items see it as a poison chalice. The whole decision-making process, sourcing options and supplier communication and honesty proving tedious, not to mention they’re always subject to criticism from staff.

That’s where I want to make a difference. Queue Atlantic PPE & Workwear Solutions…

Because I feel so passionately about the importance of uniform and workwear to businesses and employees, I want to help make the whole process just that bit easier if I can.

Imagine if you had just one supplier for all of your team’s workwear needs. If you had a great relationship with them and trusted your supplier to deal with your requirements. You know they have knowledge & experience and could give advice, not just order process. They could even put together ideas for a new look or source alternatives. They keep you up to date with any problems rather than fobbing you off and always deliver on their promises?
It would take a load of hassle out of the whole process if you could trust them to just get on with it – wouldn’t it?

Atlantic PPE & Workwear Solutions was established to make that difference that’s burning inside of me, because I believe that with our passion, experience and knowledge we can make the whole process simple, even a pleasure!

Let Atlantic Take the Work out of Your Workwear

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