How to Spot a Reliable Workwear Supplier

17.03.2019 | atlanticsuper

There are so many different workwear suppliers in the marketplace at the moment but not all are created equal. So how you you spot a good one from a bad one? No one can afford to risk bad service or poor quality products especially when they are representing your business.  

Here’s some indicators to help you spot a good one:

  • Account Managers
  • Problem Solvers
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • One Stop Shop
  • No Minimum Order Quantity
  • Design Service
  • Free Delivery
  • Customer Service

Dedicated Account Management

A good Account Manager is key to making sure that the whole ordering process is as effortless as possible and will keep you up to date with the progress of your order. They will keep you up to date on any promotions or offers and will endeavour to nurture your account and help you get the most out of the services offered.

It all starts with understanding your needs whether we pay you a visit and bring along some samples, or over a simple phone call or email. At Atlantic we believe in building relationships and the importance of familiarity. Your dedicated Account Manger will be your one and only point of contact – so no being passed ‘from pillar to post’ to resolve problems. They strive to go above and beyond to keep you, their customer, happy.


No Minimum Order Quantity

Some workwear suppliers will only deal with bulk orders over a certain volume or impose hefty up-charges on single item supply. No matter the size of your business there will always be a time when you just need a couple of items. If these items are standing in the way of getting a new starter to work or its an much needed replacement piece of kit, you want them quickly and don’t want to have to waste money by ordering more than you need.

At Atlantic we know that these things happen or that not all companies have a huge team of staff to kit out but to us every order is as important as the next because we know that it’s important to you. As such we will service your requirement without any nasty surprises or up-charges.


Problem Solvers

You know how it is, you place an order sit and wait, have to spend valuable time chasing it up only to find out that the item you require is out of stock so your order has been placed on back order – would have been nice to have been told – yeah?! Unfortunately, it seems that such lack of communication is the norm with most workwear suppliers.

At Atlantic we don’t accept that we can’t find a solution to fulfil your order, so wherever we can we will endeavour to offer you an alternative and hold the price. If we simply can’t order an alternative you won’t be left in the dark but we will let you know the situation and when you can expect to have your order fulfilled.


Design Service

Your workwear supplier should have in-depth knowledge of the industry and should be able to offer you support and guidance if you decide to rebrand or update your look. After all they’re the experts aren’t they?

At Atlantic we love what we do and love that your people represent your company wearing our products. As such we want you to look your absolute best and we’re here to help you get a new image together and provide artwork to help you visualise it for no extra cost – just part of the service.


Free Delivery Service

Getting your order to you as quickly as possible should be paramount to any workwear supplier. All suppliers will have a charge for getting those goods to you but most suppliers will offer a Free Delivery Service for orders that are big enough or reach a certain volume.

At Atlantic we know how important it is to you to get your order completed as quickly as possible, as such we only use the best delivery partners to ensure a Next Day Service. We offer a Free Delivery Service for all orders over £175 and often run Free Delivery Promotions too.


One Stop Shop

Just imagine if you could get everything you wanted all in one place. Just speak to one person who will source everything you need, place just one order and get everything taken care of? A good workwear supplier should have enough sourcing expertise to be able to cover most of your requirements.

At Atlantic we have access to tens-of-thousands of products and pride ourselves in offering the most comprehensive Top-to-Toe Solutions in the marketplace for all of your Workwear needs – plus so much more. Did you know that we can also supply you with Safety Signs, First Aid Kits and even Defibrillators?


Exceptional Customer Service

It should go without saying that a key indicator to a reliable workwear supplier is their customer service. However, many people could be getting much better customer service by simply shopping around. Unfortunately some of the biggest workwear suppliers have outgrown nurturing their customers in the pursuit of high turnover clients. Leaving smaller businesses overlooked!

At Atlantic our customers are our lifeblood, and nothing makes us happier than knowing that we’ve gone above and beyond to give them the best service, products, value for money and overall experience possible. We’d love to call you one of them.


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