Hi-Vis Maternity Workwear

02.09.2019 | atlanticsuper


Hi-Vis maternity Workwear


Hi-Vis Maternity Workwear – Is it Necessary?

It’s undeniable that women in the workplace are finally starting to get their voices heard when it comes to workplace inclusion. We now see workwear with more and more options of flattering, feminine pieces to choose from. However, when it comes to Hi-Vis Maternity Workwear, there appears to be an assumption that women either do not want to or simply cannot continue their duties once they become pregnant. Bizarrely the main reason that this is the case is due to only having the option to resort to dangerously oversized ill-fitting workwear which is simply unsuitable and unsafe!

When being able to wear the right protective workwear (or not) can determine a person’s suitability to do their job, it is bizarre that so many workwear brands have overlooked maternity wear for pregnant women who work in construction, aviation, road workers, rail, refuse collection…the list goes on.

Just like in every other place of work, women have the right to work through their pregnancy. However, the lack of workwear available for women who work in environments that legally require hi-vis clothing is taking that option away from women. So we think that yes it is absolutely necessary!


Where Can I get Hi-Vis Maternity Workwear?

Designed to make life safer and more comfortable for pregnant women at work, we are delighted to be able to bring you the first stocked maternity garments from our supply partners, Leo Workwear. All conforming to high visibility standard ISO 20471 and rail industry standard RIS-3279-TOM. With features such as an elasticated over-bump band and waist adjustment on the Maternity Hi-Vis Cargo Trousers and the comfortable shape and elasticated side seams on the Maternity Hi-Vis Polo Shirt, these garments work with the wearer and can be worn all the way from ‘bump to baby’.


At last, the voice of the pregnant woman at work is being heard and we’re proud to be able to offer her the solutions of Hi-Vis Maternity Workwear that she needs to keep doing the job she loves.

Let’s Get to Work!!



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