About Atlantic PPE & Workwear Solutions

At 'Atlantic' we pride ourselves on our great products and exceptional customer service. Our committed team of customer-centric professionals have experience at some of the world’s leading Corporate Clothing, Personal Protective Equipment and Workwear companies to create an unrivalled customer journey.

With our experience in the commercial clothing industry, we are able to use our refined expertise to deliver the highest quality PPE and workwear to our customers at great prices.

Let Atlantic take the WORK out of your WORKWEAR

Employee uniforms can be a great investment for any business, but an equally daunting prospect. Our managed service is specifically designed to relieve you and your organisation of all of the stress and worries of making sure things are right. From initial concept design, through development, wearer trials and refinement to manufacture and distribution, our experienced teams will meticulously plan each step of the process for you to a granular level.

Go Bespoke

Design isn’t just what a uniform looks like. It’s how it feels and how it works too. Styles will come and go with time but design is different. Design is a language and one that we’re pretty fluent in too. A great uniform design is an extremely efficient way of strengthening your company’s image to customers & clients and boosting morale with your employees.

Keeping it simple

Our streamlined work spaces have been methodically refined to allow our teams to efficiently design and distribute some of the world’s best products. Achieving this without the significant overheads that many other operators in our sector are committed to, means there’s less cost for us to pass on to you. After all – why should you have to pay for your supplier’s fancy offices?


Small Order? No problem!

We don’t believe in minimum garment order quantities. We never have and we never will. Whether you want 1 Hi-Viz vest or 15 million – we are here to help. With an annual aggregate production output in excess of 30 million units, there’s no such thing as an order too big.

Get Personal

Our personalisation and branding service can transform any of our catalogue stock items into a unique uniform for your business. From screen printing to embroidery we have a whole suite of solutions to make your brand memorable to all.

Great pricing doesn’t have to mean inferior quality. Over the years we’ve developed a global network of supply chain partners. Each of our suppliers have been through a rigorous audit and selection process to ensure they can meet our premium quality requirements. All of our manufacturing & operations partners are audited and accredited to the highest levels including ISO 9001.

Cultures & Values


We pride ourselves on how honest, fair and ethical we are as a business. We constantly strive to ensure all of stakeholders, from sewing machinists to end users are happy with our products and processes.


We win the trust of all of our stakeholders by reliably delivering on our promises. We are open and honest with everyone, about everything, every time.



We believe quality comes in many forms which is why its instilled into every inch of our business. From the refinement of our manufacturing operations to our world class customer service – quality is at the heart of everything we do.


We are really passionate about what we do but most of all we are passionate about our people and in turn our people are passionate about our products and our customers.


Our in-house bespoke design team is led by one of the most sought after Creative Directors in the United Kingdom. Renowned for her airline design collections, Clare Burton and her team can create the most amazing apparel for any budget.

Design isn’t just what it looks like, it’s how is feels and how it works too. That’s why we have a team of specialists ready and waiting to refine those almost perfect designs.

You know exactly what you want and you know exactly when you want it. The only thing is, you just don’t have enough hands to make them all in time. Our manufacturing operations have a total output capacity of over 20 million garments per year allowing us to deliver even the biggest of orders on time, every time.

Need your company logo and employee’s names putting on our off-the-shelf stock items? Not a problem!
Don’t have a logo? Still not a problem, our talented design team will make one for you.

There’s no need for you to worry about handling orders for individual wearers. Our distribution service will deliver each individual garment right to the door of the wearer, saving you time, effort and money.


To deliver great quality career and workwear throughout the world with exceptional customer service.


To work harder than all of our competitors to reliably deliver you, our customer, with amazing quality products at incredible prices.

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